Delay, Dismay, Delightful Decay


It was my intention to write whole lengths about my trip, a gonzo diary, as I go through Asia. But the impressions and experiences have been of such a nature that pen, paper and keyboard have been too far removed from me, both physically and mentally, to even keep up with that promise I made to myself. It’ll continue to do so.
The medium of writing, the wand with which I have always (re)construed a reality more real than real, has all too often been lost in the ocean of primordial wordlessness. Each time, like now, I grapple it back from its abyssal depths, but only after the forces of this journey have been intentionally tamed by a silent retreat.
Therefore, having had all these moments makes me stipulate a little thing next to that far too often mentioned passage of in the beginning there being “the Word”. In the beginning the world was in fact without form and void. Formlessness is only there when you become deaf to your own inner monologue and let come the creation out of nothing that is life, the universe. Writing can create a very dry but transferable set of ideas distilled from reality. Or it can poetically evoke an atmosphere which paradoxically brings you to that word- and formless space by turning the very words themselves into murky points of reference. But both departure and arrival of the word happen at that point of chaotic nothingness.

I wanted there to be a chronology. Each couple of days I would share with the online world through whatever Wi-Fi available to me what one single gweilo has not only seen but what sort of healthy scars the environment has ‘inflicted upon’ him to such a degree that he cannot just absorb it moment from moment. That he needs to dig deep into his vocabulary and compose sentences that can not only scratch, but pierce a little deeper than the surface layers of immediate base experience.

Well, I got more than I bargained for. I’m reconsidering my tactics, even though I will not steer away from the gonzo ethic and aesthetic. My last post was supposed to be the one I should have written on that ominous day of the 15th of December, but it came a month or so later. The posts I had intended for Taiwan have never been written in time. Now that I’m in Seoul, I feel like I cannot possibly keep up the illusion that I’m going day by day. Still, I need to report on Hong Kong and Taiwan, for they have changed me. And also Korea and all that follows in Asia, I’ll keep it in a fashion I intended. Old ways have decayed, and I’m thankful for that. A talk with a chance encounter has brought about a shift in focus.

The going got wyrd, just as I wanted.

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