Time is a poetic terrorist


I’ve been blogging for a while now. At least 6 years I would say. The tumblr version of this blog started a bit later than my primary blog, The Antediluvian Current.
I stuck with a style on there and I have kept it ever since. I think my approach to modernity has definitely inspired some followers, since it’s more than just a collection of whatever that caught my eye and interest. It’s a particular taste that becomes obvious as the blog progresses and which has an intoxicating effect on others. It helps you “find the others”, as Timothy Leary would put it.

All of my interests are there to be found without a single sentence uttered on my part. People are able to fully understand my outlook, where I’m coming from, however strange that might sound.

On the other blog, it’s a bit more obvious as that is where I collect my thoughts. I shouldn’t summarize what it is about. You all know what to expect by now.

In any case, what struck me was how the years have been robbed from me so quickly.
I say robbed, because I honestly feel like time is being stolen from me. Without me noticing, the weeks, months and years have been swept away.
But the thief of time is a poetic terrorist, like the one Hakim Bey describes. A terrorist with tactics such as the following:

Burglarize houses but instead of stealing, leave Poetic-Terrorist objects.

Those poetic terrorist objects time has left in me have been my ever-intensifying involvement with the world around me in a material and immaterial sense. Time attacks you, mercilessly, and by surprise… But it doesn’t leave a carnage. As you recover from the storm, you see a new scenery around you, affecting you in a refreshingly new way… If you wish to focuss on the scenery and not the fact you just got hit by time.

I started on there during the last years of college and these years have been more formative than anything in my adolescence or childhood. I can’t sit down and have a talk with the me back then and not offend myself. And yet, my attractions are still the same, only more refined and more attuned. My philosophy, has changed a lot though.

Today, I was scrolling through some of the movies I have on my external hard drive disk and saw the movie “Tomb Raider”. Most of it all started with that video game. My interest in history, the occult, urbex, travelling, etc. I was 10 when I started playing it. 18 years later, that spark I got then, it has become a blazing furnace and has consumed experience after experience. The flame will only die when I exit this world.

One thought on “Time is a poetic terrorist

  1. If Alexander the Great of Macedonia and L. Ron Hubbard had a child, and that child grew up listening to witch house, well……you get the gist.

    Job well done, sir. Great blog.


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