tumblr_m85lmcsxfv1r03ov2o1_1280Go back, way back.
Before eyes, before light.

I’m not one to provide manuals to the weird. It is for each a unique downwards climb. Nonetheless, I assume it is of value to provide an impression of the scenery and maybe go as far as to bring back some of the riches from below.

Here I make an attempt to tip the veil on the occulted. As such, the subject matter is not limited to the occult, but to all which has forcibly retreated into the darkness, damned to lurk in the shadows or burried to rest in subterranean slumber. In this hidden refuge reside dreams, conspiracy (theories), sorcery, taboos and totems. Also to be found are nefarious nightside interlopers and the inner indomitable. In other words, all that is too mischievous to let itself be seen in the daylight ( of reason ).
But as always with the occult(ed), we can only get tantalizing glimpses and indistinct hints as to what might lie beyond. As such, expertise in the ineffable sounds like a paradox, nevertheless we learn that any expert is more of a familiar than an omniscient.